Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Lovely Cousin...Angah..

This is the first of a series of 'Behind the News' segments, dedicated to the people that worked hard behind the front line to bring you news.

Zafirah Najmi is an Assistant Producer. She works as a team with a Producer to produce news that is read on-air daily. Her responsibilities include editing news stories and soundbytes, and preparing cross-overs. Sometimes Zafirah reads the news on air, especially the traffic updates. Since February, Zafirah has tackled the task of being the replacement anchor for Radio24's entertainment/life & leisure segment called Hibur Libur.

Before she started her stint as Radio24’s Assistant Producer, she was working for singer/actress Erra Fazira as her personal assistant. Before that, she was a customer service executive for Celcom. Although working for Erra was fun and had its perks, Zafirah yearned for job satisfaction.

She realised broadcasting is her calling. After all, it is in her blood. Her mother, Zainun Abd Rahman, was a translator for RTM for almost 29 years. Her older sister, Zafrina / Zaff, works as a DJ for a local radio station (it's me la!.. hehehehe). As they say, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Zafirah is a talented dancer. She’s been dancing since she was 10 years old locally and internationally. Besides being Erra’s personal assistant, she is also her backup dancer.

In addition to dancing, Zafirah also loves to sing, shop, watch movies and she’s always on the prowl for good food.

Zafirah Najmi, Assistant Producer, sometime Anchor, dancer and foodie. Our first ‘Behind the News’ personality.

Zafirah with Radio24 Anchor Kam Kamaruddin

(sitting l-r) Raihana Rahim, Shahrul Aini Saharan
(standing l-r) Zafirah Najmi, Farha, Sri Wazni Asahar, Nisha Parmanadan

* Taken from http://radiotwentyfour.blogspot.com/

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