Saturday, May 1, 2010

MyviXtreme Jelajah Central 2010 Part 1

Jom layan gambar-gambar MyviXtreme Jelajah Central 2010 Part 1 ..its was held on 18th April 2010...Best..himpunan 42 buah kereta dari central as driver to media was so proud to be in this group....

Meetpoint - Dataran Shah Alam - Briefing & Pelepasan

 briefing marshall with driver

Check Point 1 - Pantai Morib

dedikasi seorang tikus

this picture was taken by squad cakna sinar harian....

Check Point 2 & 3 -  Bagan Lalang& Salak Tinggi 
Lunch,solat,celebrate birthday...

Check Point 4 - Kajang

Last Check Point - Dataran Putrajaya

its was happened smoothly..thumbs up to all committee...can't wait for Jelajah Central Part 2!!

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